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Meet Me

Bone Broth

DeDe Frerichs, Founder & Owner

Photo Credit:  Natalie Gildersleeve

Have you ever wondered if eliminating food waste could be beautiful?  Well, indeed it can! Here's how...

Nouriche Broth upcycles the parts and pieces of a chicken that would normally be thrown out to compost as the foundation of our collagen-rich, nutrient-dense bone broth.  Collagen is often referred to as the beauty booster associated with healthy, smooth skin and hair.  It is the pillar of gut and joint health, and can be found in OUR small batch bone broth. 

I built this brand because I knew I could make an impact on the way people view food and food waste in our society.  When people consume this delicious broth they know it's good for them and it's good for the sustainability of our planet.